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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
But, from what you are saying, can one assume that all features we have been told about for Apollo core, so far are just "goals" and not actually implemented?
Partly. The FPU is at present only half implemented and bitfield instructions are missing. This breaks compatibility with a lot of programs. OTOH the transparent caches mentioned above are there and so are some 020 instructions that were missing on the 040 and 060. And some features are present but still show unexpected behaviour under rare circumstances that need to be figured out, e.g. superscalarity, branch prediction and instruction fusing. This is what we call "bugs" and what the current work focuses on. A work-in-progress, progressing fine.

BTW: your question is a splendid example of what I call "binary thinking": it's not completed, this must mean nothing has been done yet.
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