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Floppy disk My Multi-Module Ripperdisk

Hello Everyone.

I had some off-time this week and i've put together my own "Multi-Module" Ripperdisk. In 2015 it's probably a bit useless but ahh well

I know there are millions of these kind of megadisks, and yes we have pro-wizard/hrtmon/action replay in WinUAE and such. even tho i'm not a programmer, i think i managed to create a nice disk nevertheless.

What i did was the following :

- updated some libraries in libs folder
- got some keyfiles from boondocks DVD's (BBS) to make some apps registered (i assume these apps are not sold anymore, if this cause any trouble here, let me know asap).
- clean fast startup-sequence, used only neccesary files to keep as much RAM as possible for ripping-purposes
- all programs are decrunched (for same ram ripping purposes), i'm not sure if crunchers hinders ram-locations and such. (maybe programmers can fill me in on that?).
- disk is optimized with FastDisk 1.9
- disk is made as compatible as possible to run on most systems.

The text you see between the "()" are the minimal requirements for each program.

Download link below

Happy Ripping
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