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You can make copies of your software legally in the United Kingdom and the US providing they are for your own personal use. I personally like to use backups, be it a music cd or something, I'd rather play the copy so if it gets scratched then I can just use another copy. In the prime days of say the Amiga; the copy protection on some games didnt give me the option to make a back-up.

I believe the copyright when a company folds is passed to the individual programmers. If say a publisher folds (they normally have the biggest say) then the developer gains all the rights. If you put a game on your website you have to obtain permission from both sides (publisher and developer). If the game incorporates a title from a film, ie Batman. You also are suppose to get permission from the film makers too because they own the licence to the name. There is so much legal stuff involved, its untrue.
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