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There is also work going on for an A500 accelerator too so mabbe hold off while you investigate exactly what you need
Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post

In order:
  • 1) A501 fail regularly because of the battery they contain (keeps the clock up and running) which tends to leak.
    If you have soldering skills, you should warm that soldering iron and check the extent of the damage, with a bit of luck it would be easily repaired.
    Have a look at [ Show youtube player ] and this post on Lemon Amiga.
    I am sure there are many on the EAB as well but for some reason I could not find them.
  • 2) Kipper2K used to make IDE boards for the A500 to which you could plug a CF connector but I am not sure if he still does.
    But Individual Computers are working on a complete A500 memory + CF + plenty of goodness board which should be released around the end of this year. If you have the money and the patience, this should be a most excellent deal.
    I am planning to buy it.
  • 4) Yes, and you should! The tank mouse is horrible. Have a look at this thread:

Hope this helps.
(And welcome back.)
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