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Originally Posted by traal View Post
That's a good long term goal, but the first step is to make it perfectly emulate one or more specific revisions of one or more specific CPUs. Even the timings need to be 100% accurate. If software can detect that it isn't running on a real CPU, then nobody will take the FPGA core seriously.

Once this is done, only then will you have the information you need to make it "more compatible," if that's even possible. So plan your strategy carefully!
as far i gather the softcore isnot meant as exact "emulator" ofeach and every particular 68k that was out there. its meant as development of these line, as every previous 68k cpu before, which may happen at a costof some lack of compatibility. the question is how big a gap is acceptable.

generall speaking, you dont exchange the accelerator in your amiga every time you run another app, so why expect it of fpga accelerator now? its totally exaggerated demand imho.
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