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testing on my A600 ACA620/m25hz 2mb chip 4gb cfcard ks3.1 wb3.1 in EHB

monkey 1, monkey2, indy3 and indy 4 works well a bit slow but sill playable (monkey 1 a indy 3) with very little color alteration with SFX only.

DOTT talkie version works also well with out speak and music!!! incredible ! with sfx speech can be activate but

all speech make cfcard blinking one time before speak and make a 1 sec "freeze" all time.may be speak can be "preload" for DOTT talkie version or something.

Zack works like a charm full speed with sound

don't try LOOM but as a600 can't manage music a reasonable speed and this game is all about sense

Very impressive to play this game on EHB indy 3 is particulary playable on my A600 very impressive works thx you

very much.

How can i update Exec.library for a 020 as only update i found is from Cosmos Blog but all offline because off some bad guys selling is worls as is understand shame is works was usefull.

My best wish is to play Hand of Fate but scumm engine don't see game in folder i think is too old engine version i hope a release with newer scumm engine to add more game compatibility. but i read that you don't plane to make a new release

so much thanks anyway this is so cool ECS swumm.
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