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I just tested WinUAE with "Port 1 = Windows Mouse" + "Port 2 = Keyboard Layout B" (default in all my configs) and then connected both Xbox 360 wireless controllers.

Pressed the 1st button on the 1st Xbox 360 wireless controller and the 2nd button on the Xbox 360 wireless controller; just as you've said (not that I ever doubted you) Port 1 = Xbox Controller (2) and Port 2 = Xbox Controller (1). Absolutely perfect...

*** rant on ***
I really can't even begin to describe how much WinUAE has come along in the past 8+ years. Last time I used it regularly was in late 2005 and with v1.1.1.

Not only do you have a thorough understanding all things Amiga (hardware / software), you are also able to somehow emulate all this on a PC so successfully and finally bug fix virtually anything thrown at you.

...and then to top if off you add extremely intelligent features / functions constantly with every new version that most people couldn't even dream of and these make the whole user experience sooooo much better.

Hats off to you my friend; you are the Amiga god and a insanely good programmer
*** rant off ***
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