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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Took a look at the logs but couldn't see anything that gives me any clues (attached). What I did was load "Alien Breed - The Horror Continues AGA"; Port 2: Keyboard B was in the config, clicked through the cracktro and afterwards checked the Game Ports; this has now swapped to Port 2: Keyboard A.
Run in windowed mode with -log command line parameter. ("winuae.exe -log"). Can see log in real time.

Make also sure it is mouse click that does it. Load config, start it, immediately return back to GUI. Did config change?

What would be cool is that my 2nd Xbox 360 wireless controller would take over Port 1 instead of Port 2.
Press button 2.

Joystick button 1 = insert in port 2. Joystick button 2 = insert in port 1. (Same for mouse but ports are swapped)

Dpad left/right can be also used.
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