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Took a look at the logs but couldn't see anything that gives me any clues (attached). What I did was load "Alien Breed - The Horror Continues AGA"; Port 2: Keyboard B was in the config, clicked through the cracktro and afterwards checked the Game Ports; this has now swapped to Port 2: Keyboard A.

This didn't happen when using v3.0.0 (with mouse / joystick autoswitch enabled). I haven't tested all your 3.2.0 betas, it's only started with me when using your latest "scanlines" fix file. Hope that info helps you; I can test betas if you like?

Another thing with mouse / joystick autoswitch; which I really hope I can describe in terms that are understandable...

My default configs have:
... Port 1 = Windows Mouse
... Port 2 = Keyboard B

I connect 2 x Xbox 360 wireless controllers and start WinUAE. After loading a game and it's time to play so I press a button on the 1st Xbox 360 wireless controller; autoswitch occurs and I can play with the Xbox 360 wireless controller i.e. Port 2 has changed to this

If I were playing a 2 player game e.g. "Super Cars II" I would additionally press a button on the 2nd Xbox 360 wireless controller (after firstly pressing a button on the 1st Xbox 360 wireless controller). What happens is that Port 2 get changed again.

What would be cool is that my 2nd Xbox 360 wireless controller would take over Port 1 instead of Port 2.
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