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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I assume it is autoswitching feature. If you don't have mouse configured in either port and then press mouse button, it gets inserted in mouse port, replacing old device. (same happens with joysticks)
You can move these Game Port posts to another thread if you like Toni.

Ah, just found the "Mouse/Joystick autoswitching" option. This is a quite cool feature as in all my configs Port 2 is "Keyboard Layout B". When I connect one (or both) of my wireless Xbox 360 joypads and press a button it automatically swaps over

The thing I noticed was I had no joystick connected, Port 2 is "Keyboard Layout B". I needed to press the mouse button to get through the cracktro screen and Port 2 gets changed to "Keyboard Layout A". Port 1 is always "Windows Mouse" in my configs so would assume when I press the mouse button this is already set; I wouldn't expect Port 2 to change.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
But the corruption is gone? (part of graphics that was not cleared when display moved)

Try demos, you will find out that it is very common side-effect.. (jumping display when scrolling)
Yeah the corruption is gone.
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