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Originally Posted by lorgarn View Post
Toni, I shunned using a directory as a Amiga harddrive because i read that several problems, which try things like checking the free space on the drive fail on a directory.
There is hack that fakes size to 1G ("Limit size of directory drives to 1G" in harddrives panel). It does not limit actual size, it just returns faked size/remaining size when disk size is requested.

I usually don't answer questions that are not emulation specific, sorry but here are some quick and short answers:

1) It is like network filesystem, there is no real block device. Programs that directly access the drive won't work (partitioning, formatting, sector editors etc.. "Normal" programs rarely have problems). Size check is not really emulation specific either, any >2G drive can show negative size depending on how program calculates it.

2) Same as any other real or virtual drive. Amiga HD partitioning has never been simple..

3) No much difference. CLI is easier and quicker if you know exactly what you want

4) KS 1.x can't boot without external loaded filesystem handler. KS 2.0+ has everything needed in ROM. Normally it is located in drive's partition table blocks (installed with hdtoolbox) or in case of UAE partition hardfiles (hardfile is a single partition, not whole drive that can be partitioned using hdtoolbox), FileSys path can be used to fake the RDB filesystem.

5) hdtoolbox is standard utility for partitioning Amiga harddrives. It comes with WB install disk.
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