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Toni, I shunned using a directory as a Amiga harddrive because i read that several problems, which try things like checking the free space on the drive fail on a directory.

I do not know much about all this, that is why i ask questions and I would very much appreciate, if someone could answer them, so I can understand all this. So I state it again:
  1. What drawbacks does using a normal windows directory as a Amiga harddrive have?
  2. What are the specifications for the WinUAE hardfile, to create one that is formatable and bootable?
  3. What is the difference between using the format cli command that was mentioned here, and the WB option from the menu? The first tells me that it does not work because the harddrive is not a dosdisk, the second formats my drive, lets me copy files on it but prevents the system from booting after that, as long as is remains in the configuration.
  4. Are there limitations to using kick 1.3 and wb 1.3 when trying to make a system bootabe from harddisk?
  5. What is the HDTool someone in this thread brought up? Is it some hack? Is it some piece of origianal software that came with an amiga drive? Where can I obtain it?
This is just a fun project for me, to figure out how things work. I understand if there are limitations to the Uae or the WB 1.3, and I am perfectly fine with it, if that would be the case. But I just want to understand what is going on.

Kind regards
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