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Blizzard does support 256M. But Blizzard PPC SCSI is not supported by OS4. You have to use A1200 IDE which is much slower than DMA SCSI. (PIO IDE emulation: data is transferred word by word using emulated CPU. DMA: Whole transfer is quick memory copy in host side)

Also for some unknown reason BPPC PPC CPU model is slower in QEMU. Using ppc_model=604e command line forces CSPPC PPC model which may fix the CPU speed problem.

(AFAIK there is buggy BPPC SCSI driver but it was never fixed because no developer had BPPC. It should be easy to fix it in under emulation, debugging is so much easier in emulation vs real hardware, especially when debugging hardware drivers but I am quite sure nothing will happen as usual..)
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