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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
It all used to work fine in v1.0.0 and then up until v2.3.0 from testing. No jerking or pixels left at the bottom of the screen.
Do you really mean there is no any display position movement whatsoever with older version? Image not moving up or down, even for single frame? (with vertical centering enabled)

Centering can and will change between version. I still don't see anything wrong except older versions may actually been broken..

Centering option + games rarely works as expected anyway, just use some script utility to switch it off in all your configs.

(I don't mean extra garbage but image moving up or down)

Did 2310b1 also introduce "jerky" movement effect or only garbage at the bottom?

EDIT: _winuae.fx should appear in plugins\filtershaders\direct3d when started in d3d mode. Perhaps there is no write permissions? Does anything change if you run winuae.exe as administrator?

EDIT2: Try reinstalling DX9:

EDIT3: Does scanlines reappear if you switch back to fullscreen? Do they reappear if you disable scanlines and then re-enable them?

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