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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Started "Pang" and am in "Fullscreen" mode with "Scanline opacity" set at "50" (see attached image "Pang_Fullscreen.png").

I then press <Ctrl> + <F12> to go to "Windowed" mode and the scanlines are now gone. It doesn't matter what video card I use in my laptop (see attached image "Pang_Windowed.png").

If I go back to "Fullscreen" mode scanlines are still gone. The only way to get them back is to adjust the level by any amount.

The above issue isn't that important as I don't usually change from "Fullscreen" to "Windowed" mode so please don't waste too much time on this.
I understand that scanlines disppear but you said 'anything set under "Extra Settings" disappears.' Select box becomes empty? Unselectable? Values get zeroed? What?

Do following: load your config, save it again with different name. Quit winuae, load new config, cause scanline disappearance, enter GUI, save config with yet another name. Attach both config files.

Not sure where this file comes from; I downloaded / extracted the "[1.5.1+ Direct3D Pixel Shader filters]" from your website and it don't contain that file... WinUAE seems to be creating it.

Have now deleted but no difference.
It is also normal if it does not exists. Error is still odd...

It's slightly better i.e. no garbage stays at the bottom of the screen but the image jerks when scrolling upward; just like the Pang video I uploaded earlier.
It is normal when centering options are enabled. It is impossible to detect between scrolling and non-centered image. Both are same technically..
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