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Originally Posted by esc View Post
Currently WipeOUT 2097 won't work in UAE because there's no real Warp3D support. uaegfx is unsupported by Warp3D. Unless someone hacks together a driver.
That someone is not me. I don't do PPC software. Only update that I may do someday is to port some existing OS4 compatible PCI card emulation. Currently only existing is Voodoo 3 in MAME but it is very difficult task and it is software-only (with MAME game specific hacks that can't work very well in generic emulation).

Also, the RAM bottleneck still exists for OS 4.1 FE. The issue is that you can only have 128mb on a CSPPC and only 256mb on a BPPC, and zorro 3 RAM isn't utilized by OS 4.1 (as far as I know). Or, it isn't utilized the same. On a physical Amiga, the Z3 RAM is _much_ slower than RAM attached to the processor boards, but in UAE, it's all the same, so...maybe someone can hack together a solution in OS4.1.
UAE can't do anything to "fix" it. Either OS4 kernel gets official support or someone hacks it. (Again, it is PPC software fix = someone else's problem)

It is BPPC/CSPPC hardware limit, there is nothing that hardware (=UAE) can do to work around it.

Lots of users seem to also forget that UAE is emulating BPPC/CSPPC expansion hardware (you get exact same RAM limit on real A1200/A4000), not some "real" PPC board! If you want proper PPC board emulation (without classic board limitations), take QEMU and add missing parts that OS4 needs, done. It would be much more optimal emulator for OS4 without need for UAE.
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