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Ok, thanks again for answering but I thinnk I need to clearify what I am up to.

I never had a harddrive on my Amiga back in the days. That is why I would like to emulate an Amiga with a harddive, using it as I would have done so, on the original machine (or close to this).

The sources on how to do it, differ completely, some state that this can not be done with WB / Kickstart 1.2, some even state it can not be done with 1.3

The guide I originally mentioned even gave an alternative setup method, where they copied some fastfilesystem file but they never told what to do with those afterward.

Some people tell me about the HDToolbox. What is this program? Did it come with a Amiga harddirve back in the days? Where to get it now? How to use it?

Why cant I even format a created harddirve with WB 1.3 (as it happend when I tired to use the commandline command mentiond earlyer in this thread)?

Again: Is there a comprehensive guide on this? A step by step howto? A documentation about how to create working, bootable hardfiles in winuae or actual original information on how to setup a harddirve on the amiga and boot from it?

Its hard to beleve the only guide available is for version 0.x or 1.x or WinUAE.

Kind regards
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