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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
These may have been uploaded before but just in case anyone fancies taking a look, here they are again... in The Zone.

I have been playing with AMOS for ages and not getting very far - I read about a Beginners guide disk that outlines real basic stuff - turns out, the disk was released by F1 - it's on the FI Licenseware CD but I thought I would upload it to the Zone in case it might be of benefit to others "mucking about" with AMOS.

In the zip file you can find Versions 1, 2 and 3 of this Beginners Guide - they are just updated versions so 3 is the one to check out really although I like the menu system of 1 and 2. All disks are in DMS.

F1 disk Ref's (003, 050a, 050b, 089a, 089b)
Hi Peter!
I had a quick look in the zone for these zips and I can't find them, I have never fully understood how the zone works.
Would there be any chance of you emailing them to me please?
I am still flirting with Amos but I still lack the ability to actually program stuff!
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