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And if you want to use hardfile because you want to match some real A500 + HD configuration (controller you originally had back in the day or just because you can!): many HD controllers are emulated in hardware level (A590, GVPs etc..), enable it and install it exactly like you would do when using real hardware.

Your problem probably is related to 1.3 partition hardfile fastfilesystem hack. It is usually better idea to create RDB hardfile (RDB button in harddrive properties) and then use HDToolbox just like on real hardware. (But remember that UAE HD device is uaehf.device, not scsi.device, start hdtoolbox with correct command line: "tools/hdtoolbox uaehf.device")

But first check that hardfile FileSys path points to WB 1.3 L:FastFileSystem file. (Path to your physical PC drive, not Amiga)

And finally: check WinUAE 3.2 beta changelogs, 1.2 (and even older) HD boot is now possible
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