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Starting Again: Amiga 500 kit kept in storage for 22 years.

Hi all

Need some advice about getting back into Amiga after well over 20 years. I have kept the following in storage since 1994. The decision I have to make now is whether to
a) upgrade / repair - or to
b) use WInUAE and / or sell it
c) sell it all and buy a refurbished A1200 or something similar.

Here's my setup:
* Amiga 500 with 1.3/2.04 ROM switch - working
* A501 RAM upgrade and REal Time Clock - not working - removed as it wasn't allowing the machine to boot.
* Expansion DF1: 3.5" drive
* GVP A570 120Mb Hard Drive with 2Mb fast ram fitted - working but won't boot when in Kcikstart 1.3 mode. Not sure if this is a fault or that the WB installed on hdd can't sort out what to boot when the ROM is switched. It works fine when Kickstart 2.04 is selected.
* Orginal rubber ball mouse

So there are some issues to solve here - in no particular order:
1) As I recall, most games won't work without the extra 512kb of chip ram provided by the A501. Is there a modern A501 I can buy from somewhere?
2) Nice to see the hdd still working after 23 years - but at some point it's going to fail - I reckon I need either a CF or some other alternative. What's best for an A500? Especially as my stack of disks is probably going to be a bit hit and miss.
3) Need some means of hooking up to a modern TV. I presume the easiest approach is an RGB to SCART and a SCART to HDMI - is that right?
4) Can I use a modern (optical) mouse on the Amiga somehow?

All in all, I don't want to throw my beloved A500 away, but without an A501 I don't see a reasonably cheap way of resurrecting all this old kit

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