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These days I define myself as a retrogamer, meaning that I draw much more pleasure from old games rather than new ones. I can still appreciate the modern affairs (especially racing sims - my preferred genre, with games like "GT Legends", "GTR2" or "Assetto Corsa" - and I have taken some joy out of "Assassin's Creed Rogue" or "GTA V" as well) but my heart lies with the oldies.

The reason is mostly nostalgia. But I can't stop feeling that I'm sort-of formatted to old-school gaming and that the modern "over-complex" gameplay seems too overwhelming - cognitively speaking - to be of any real fun. This is, obviously, a personal issue, 'cos the young ones float and prosper on those games and they shun on the golden oldies as if they were trivial and oversimplistic.

I had a few systems in my life, ranging from computers to consoles, and there are games that keep me coming back for more in every system I own(ed). But to keep my list as short as possible, I'll only state the ones that I keep coming back to on the Amiga (which, unsurprisingly, is the machine that has more games that I love). So the games that keep me coming back more often are (in no particular order):

Skidmarks - Why? 'Cos it's highly playable, instinctive and offers primary fun. It's also great in multiplayer.

B.C. Kid - Why? Because it's fluid, pretty and well designed. It has a very well balanced difficulty curve and it's fair. It's excellent if you just want a relaxing platformer to boot. Uses the second button to jump.

Dyna Blaster - Why? Because it's great fun in either one player mode or battle mode. Because it's graphically refined and the characters are cute. It's also a good stress reliever.

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 - Why? 'Cos it's fast, frantic and hectic! It's the closest thing we have to the arcade version of Out-Run on the Amiga. It's the ultimate stress reliever.

Nitro - Why? Well... it's fairly easy to see that I'm a sort of a petrolhead, isn't it? I love cars ever since I was a tiny wee lad, so it's only natural that my gaming tastes reflect that. Nitro is a very well thought out and well put-together overhead racing game that has attracted me ever since I first played back in the 20th century.

North & South - Les Tuniques Bleues - Why? Because it's a perfect combination of arcade and strategy with platform sections to boot, has a tongue-in-cheek feel to it all that I love and it's top'o'fun in two player mode.

Pang! - Why? 'Cos it's almost a carbon-copy of the Arcade, going as far as having better music. And on top of that, the game is extremely fun in a very nipponic sort of way, being it both in single or simultaneous multiplayer.

Rod-Land - Why? 'Cos it's more addictive than heroin. The extremely well-balanced gameplay simply "makes sense". It's instantaneously playable and, on top of that, the graphics are so cute and sweet that I swear you'll get diabetes.

The Chaos Engine - Why? Because it's so freaking awesome in every possible way. Gorgeous setting, great aesthetics (including graphics), awesome sound, amazing playability (including CPU co-op or multiplayer), etc...

Toki Why? Because it's very well ported. It's almost a perfect conversion with some aspects even better than the arcade (especially the music which is, by far, MUCH better on the Amiga than on the original arcade). Nostalgia plays a huge role on this one, since this was my favourite platform game for a very long time when I was a brat. And we all know that late 1980's/early 1990's brats loved platformers.

These are just the ones that keep drawing me back the most, although there are more games that keep me coming back for more. Some are on other systems (I play SWOS on the PC. It's probably the game I play the most. I'm also a big graphic adventure fan but I tend to play those games only once. Few have good replay value).

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