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Stuck at setting up Harddrive

Greetings everyone,
perhaps my request is a special one, I dont really know.

I want to use WinUAE to emulate an Amiga500 with a harddisk to boot from. I wanted to use Kickstart 1.2 in the first place, but I have already learned that this is (sort of) impossible. So I switched to Kickstart 1.3

I tried to follow this guide ->
But I had absolutely no success so far.
This is what I have done so far:
  • Setting up hardware / emulation specifications according to the guide, including setting up a kickstart 1.3 ROM and saving the configuration
  • Creating a new hardfile with a size iof 500MB
  • Switching to a kickstart 2.0 ROM and booting into a 1.3 Workbench, watched the formatting of the harddive for about an hour
  • Switching back to kickstart 1.3, booting into 1.3. workbench from floppy, which complaind about the harddisk not being validated.
  • Tried to validate the harddisk with diskdoctor, which stated that the harddrive was not a device.
  • Tried to initialize the harddrive from kickstart 1.3 and workbench 1.3, watched that process another hour, after which the emulation froze.
  • Reset UAE, at this point I could not boot the wb 1.3 floppy any more
  • Removed hardfile from confiugration, floppy can boot again
  • Created another hardfile, 50MB this time
  • Booted into Kick 1.3 and WB 1.3, initialized harddisk which showed up no errors
  • Copied all files from the wb 1.3 floppy to the harddisk with the command 'COPY DF0: WBDisk: ALL' according to the guide, which copied all files
  • Reset UAE, removed floppy Booting stops after the copyright notice in the AmigaDOS window.
  • Tired to boot from floppy with the same result
  • Removed hardfile from configuration, wb floppy can boot again.
I would kindly like to ask for a comprehensive guide on how to setup the harddrive in UAE. The guides I could find are very much outdated (referring to UAE version 1.x or even 0.x).

Kind regards

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