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Games I keep playing, mostly via emulation on Nvidia Shield Portable or on my netbook:
Chaos Engine OCS - The graphics are just so perfect
Ugh! - I love Space Taxi and this is an interesting clone, but it is hard.
Dreamweb AGA - I have played through this adventure four times and still cannot get enough of it's Blade Runner mood.
Slamtilt AGA - perfect 2D pinball, graphics and sound are also fabulous.
Extase - I just love the music so much
Gods - graphics are the best on Amiga, and the level design, there is so much to find out and discover even after playing a world for the twentieth time.
Swiv - sound fx are the best of any shmup, gameplay as the jeep is also fun.
Kult - the craziest adventure ever, I have no clue how to finish it, but I keep making some perceived progress every time before I die.
Super Cars 2 - classic car racing and perfect music
Crazy Cars III - the better Lotus with more long time playability.
Turrican 2 - the perfect Amiga game, especially because of the music.

Multiplayer PD games we play with friends:
SpaceTaxi 3 - best multiplayer game period.
Achtung Die Kurve - second best multiplayer game.
Masterblaster - third best multiplayer game.
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