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On amiga:

Cadaver (all levels): unique atmosphere in it, clever puzzles, underrated, ultra hard (had to check the walkthrough almost all the time!)
Supercars 2: hilarious with weapons, specially in 2-player mode
Gods: because it's the greatest game ever All secret stuff, and great visuals & sfx & level design, emeny A.I.
Z-Out: great R-Type clone, hard but 4 first levels are doable.
Chaos Engine: Fast, cool music & visuals, smart level design & game play (well, I just defined the Bitmap Brothers)


Qwak (the HD remade version): addictive, great sound and graphics, 70 levels, clever lever design.


Gyruss: original, you never get stuck in corners
Galaga/Galaxian/PacMan: classics, perfect for a casual game or two
Green Beret: excellent design, fair, not too hard, well, the 4 first levels at least.
Ghost&Goblins: the zombies, the music, the beard & underwear, the red devils, and the "tap the joystick" rapid fire. A pity that last levels are just too hard/unfair.
Pang: very original, needs strategy to beat, great fun for 1 or 2 players. with some training, you can beat the game with 1 credit.
Bad Dudes / Dragonninja: a lot of moves, fast, not that hard, with some training & luck with energy bonuses, you can beat the game with 1 credit.
Outrun: just great music & scrolling. Can only win with easiest settings and a given combination of routes, though.
Shinobi: hard but fair. Great visuals and cool sabre blow!
Bombjack: character moves are hard to master, it's very hard, but collecting the bombs in the correct order is rewarding.

Most of those 2 player games I played with a friend, and we both became rather good at it, and I have fond memories of all those games on Amiga till 4am or arcade till ... out of change.

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