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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
the original Sim City, surprisingly
I agree with you entirely. I've played other Sim City games but to me they are all seems a little overwhelming purely because I simply don't have hours to put aside for complex intense games. Either that or I'm getting old heh heh.

Other than that, another I keep returning to is most of the 21st Century Ltd Pinball games. I've tried and played several others over the years on different formats including Pinball FX2. Admittedly Pinball FX2 is great but tables can be "too busy" - i.e.the speed and table colours can make tracking the ball(s) difficult (if that makes sense?). But there's just something about Dreams, Fantasies, Illusions and Slam Tilt that keeps me coming back for more. That's it: the nostalgia, feeling and wonder of awe of my Amiga days (now all emulation).
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