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I don't think I finished many great games. They were either too hard or too vast and that was what made them great.

Games I know I wanted to finish but didn't because I lost interest before the end
  • Chaos Engine - It's not much fun single player.
  • Alien Breed - I remember loving the music and the gfx but I don't remember past level 2!?
  • Jurassic Park - I really wanted to finish this game. I had loved WTSS on the spectrum (which was ported from ST to Amiga recently) and this was very close in my mind to that game.
  • Cadaver - The controls I seem to remember got frustrating? Sometimes you had to restart because you lost / couldn't pick something up.
  • Damocles - The solar system is so vast and so empty you spend a lot of time looking and finding nothing. The time spent vs rewards just tailed to nothing.
  • Chaos Strikes Back - I loved DM and I really wanted to be able to do this without cheating but it was too hard and your party could die instantly too often and it just stopped being fun.

Games I shouldn't have played to the end but did :
  • Castle Master
  • Total Eclipse
  • Dark Side
  • Driller

(I just seemed to like Freescape games but they really were bad looking back now)

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