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Magic Pockets: last levels are so hard. Could not beat it without kind of cheating. Each time I try to get the secrets, and I lose lives.

Push Over: I completed it back in the days, now I cannot go past level 70.

Cannon Fodder I & II: too hard without savestate. Easy with savestate

Turrican II: seems cool but I cannot get past level 1, and I get bored after a while.

Lotus II: the last race is just soooo hard. I know someone who completed it ... once!

Sometimes you idealize how good the games are based on your best memories of them, and when you try them after all those years you find them frustrating/with a lot of long, annoying, stages... and you give them up.
And let's put arcade conversions aside: the arcade version is just better, especially when US Gold is in charge of the arcade=>ST=>Amiga ports.
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