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Originally Posted by Apollo View Post
No, point is that there are projects with a future and projects without. Is it really about 'badmouthing' as such or is more that Jens has the experience about what it needs to create a product for customers (which is proven) and others maybe not?

Kickstarting a project doesn't give you the experience or knowledge of how to create a product for the 'mass'. But I am under the strong impression that it is only about "we need the money, everything else will come".

I don't know Jens personally, nor do I know personally any other person of this topic. Maybe Jens could be more diplomatic, but this is only by judging what I (and all others) can read here.
"Apollo" project was already mentioned, there I saw him in action. I also heard that this was not the first time. Again I have no problem with anyone promoting the own project but badmouthing others is not a good style and is not helping to sell more either.
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