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For me there are two kind of poeple (when it comes to producing hardware/software for the amiga):

The ones who make announcements of (maybe) soon-to-come products and the ones who make announcements of deliverable products.

Personally, after all these years I prefer listening to people which delivered products in the past as they're very likely going to deliver in the future as well. Period.

I don't even count 'selling' hand-made prototypes to interested people.

Empty promises about never coming products and their fancy features is 'killing' the community IMHO.

So, I stay at ICs products as they can be bought, you get support and there will be more products. Everyone else should refrain of making statements like 'the next super-duper accelerator based on (FPGA/68k) is soon to come' as long as there is not even the date in sight when the product can be put on the shelf.
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