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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Gunnar specifically avoided answering critical questions
yeah, him not being the only one pulling a project. i have experiece observing this, while watching the amiga scene since long. he might be just as far as executing some asm instructions usefull demos, lets say point (half) taken.

If you read further in that thread, you don't only see me interested, but also with a few suggestions.
i remember. you gave some advices, but nothing essential as far as i can judge. you have been staying on distance (auf tuchfühlung) which is understandable imho.

What you do not see in that thread is the wave of negativity that reached my mailbox.
therefore i reserved my judgemet to what i have red in the forum. im sure you wont find my email in these hate mails. the community is pretty vunerable, but lets be honest, if you worded your posts less offensive, it wouldnt be the case. as example, i remember gunnar justifying coldfire as option few months before on a1k. he has met a general hate wave. even though its been proven right and him fals, he has reconsidered, but he actually seems to have tried.

What Gunnar presented lately is impressive.
which is essential, after all.

However, to make this a product (which is what many people want), it's still a LONG way to go. While this is a work-in-progress, there is really no need for me to provide any input, other than pointing out that it is what it is: Work in progress.
certainly. just, i dont know about the guys in apollo team, but you cant expect people in amiga community to obey the regular project rules. you have an enterprise. but the others, its like wavwes of motivation, come and go, you cant appy the corporate technices here (except maybe with certain very responsible and professional individuals). you can only pretend like doing so, which is worse.
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