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Granted, I was not very polite in that thread. However, pretty much of what I suspected has turned out to be true:

- the Vampire 600 demo that was presented was written specifically without instructions not implemented or not working correctly. Gunnar confirmed that a few posts later. I was wrong about the RISC assumption, but I was right about it not being 68k yet.

- The Vampire 600 FPGA is way too small for a full implementation of what Gunnar was suggesting

- Gunnar specifically avoided answering critical questions, giving more reason to believe that it's more like "I have an idea, let's try it", rather than careful planning and execution of an extremely complex job (see post#44 of that thread)

If you read further in that thread, you don't only see me interested, but also with a few suggestions. What you do not see in that thread is the wave of negativity that reached my mailbox. Similar accusations as what you can see here: A friendly variant would be "you're not the only one who can pull off a project".

What Gunnar presented lately is impressive. However, to make this a product (which is what many people want), it's still a LONG way to go. While this is a work-in-progress, there is really no need for me to provide any input, other than pointing out that it is what it is: Work in progress.

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