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Toni Wilen
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Beta 17:

- Trace mode in 68000 cycle-exact was 4 cycles too long.
- 68000 cycle-exact mode STOP needs at least 8 cycles before it can wake up.
- Memory-only cycle exact crash when entering GUI.
- Memory-only cycle exact shortcut config entry cycle_exact=memory (Old false and true values have not changed)
- Only use picassoiv_rom_file config entry if it contains valid path. (Workaround for some config files that contain picassoiv_rom_file=:NOROM for some reason)
- Z3 Picasso IV was disabled if there was not enough address space even when JIT was disabled (b16).
- JIT on/off change was not delayed until it was safe to do, like other CPU option changes. uae-configuration (or similar) on the fly config changes were unreliable in this situation.
- FAT drive mounted as a directory harddrive: file's modification time was not always correct. (2.6.0, wrong date field name)
- Warp mode fps limit added, config file only: warp_limit=fps
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