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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I wanted to introduce a scientific touch to that work by coordinating a joint effort to write a 68k test suite. Obviously, this is a lot of work, but IMHO it's the only way to really *prove* that the newly-developed CPU is doing what the original 68k is doing.
im not sure but i think matthey did some work in that direction. ill leave it for him to tell.
See on what that turned into: I was accused of making the project too expensive;
afair it was mostly you who accused the project to be a fake, a risc processor running forged benchmark and the like. for reference here, your post #10:
any and all reasoning *for* a scientific approach was slapped down. Merely asking for the way that the core is tested has gotten me the role of the bad guy. That's not the way to make a product.
none acused you to be bad guy. at least what i have read on open forum gunnar repeatedly proposed you to visit him and witness the project first hand, in a rather collegial tone, in fact contrary to you initial reaction.

you made a proposal to develop that test suite, but none on the forum reacted. why are people behind apollo core responsible for that? they have their own work on their hands.

Yes, there is a core that runs a benchmark, and it runs that benchmark really fast. However, just starting the Amiga and run a few programs does not prove that the CPU is 100% working.
the core runs a number of amiga stuff, among others workbench, games, benchmarks. in other words: if it looks, smells and quacks like a duck, what is it?

admittedly, what it doesnt run is kickstart 3.9 apparently, but they are actively working on compatibility. so while i wouldnt expect it to be 100% compatible to each of the 68k processor options, it may have a chance (maybe) to be as compatible to them as they were to each other, or better.
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