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A tool to test compatibility may be nice have, sure.. but in a larger contex.. is it even relevant? Its not like the original 68k family is without issues.. how many programs crashed on a 060 when it came out?
For most ppl it will be enough that "almost everything" runs, not being concerned if the CPU actually behaves like a genuine 68k.. whatever definition that might be.

The FPGA arcade team had a similar approach.. bug / beta testing until "good enough" might not be the most scientific way to do it, but for the end user the method works well enough.
Its not like we are talking about mainstream products here that will sell to millions of average joe noobs.. ;-)
Besides.. unlike accelerators using genuine 68 parts, the FPGA core is "alive" and fixable through future updates which mean it will only get better over time... but... Im stating the obcious here...
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