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The Settlers - perfectly conceived, layered and balanced, though seriously difficult after the first few levels. Civilization too, but mainly because Civ 2 won't work on my current PC and I never got into the later ones. Civ seems to have slightly flawed AI that you can only beat by 'cheating', in contrast to Civ 2.

Lotus 2 for the opposite reason that I've got to the last level but can't beat that.

Rainbow Islands, pure gameplay perfection with the right balance of risk and reward.

Lemmings - been playing it through again from the start, still a long way to go.

Also the obscure Jump 'N' Roll (originally with one of those German magazine+game things but I got it as PD from a coverdisk) - perfect for a quick go or two every now and then, though not the most complex game ever.
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