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I hate to be devils advocate here, but there are two things that annoyed me about it:

1) "Mac OS is over simplified"

What? Doesn't that defeat the object of the whole article? A computer that can be used for people who are not computer literate?

Even if I didn't like Macs, that is a silly thing to say. It would have been better if he didn't mention Macs at all.

2) A slight contratiction:


"we have lost a great deal and the games market especially has lost the genuine originality that the bedroom coders brought."


"The biggest issue though is that any new home computer will have to have the "WOW! factor" to at least the same degree that the A500 produced when Shadow of The Beast ran in a shop window or a scene demo literally made your jaw drop to the floor in Lewis`s"

Okay, so SOTB was not a Bedroom programmer game, though I guess it is possible it could have been, but anyway...

Nowadays, "Jo Public" is only going to get a "wow" factor from cutting edge games, which need a cutting edge computer. Just look at the E3 showing of Half Life 2. That is the first time I have thought "WOW" since... Well, I am not sure... Must be a long time.

And it wasn't really WOW of just the graphics either - but the physics, characters and object interaction.

Some bedroom coders were truely magic, but "WOW" factor stuff needs more development resources that nowadays. Its sad, but it is the truth. Same thing with the movie industry - every film has to have better effects than the last to keep the mass market entertained.

The age of the Bedroom programmer is truely gone as far as the games industry is concerned. Good for interviews as a game mockup, but I suspect not much else if it is to be commerically sucessful.

I'm not talking about people who appriciate a good game by a good game as I suspect most people here would. I am talking about the general public. "Looks crap, is crap" is a thought that will never go away.

I am sorry, but it sounds like too much of a sales pitch IMO.
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