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Originally Posted by Kremlar View Post
Perhaps you sit an external keyboard on top? Kind of stupid IMO.
I think there are two options, one for doing exactly what you described and the other one looks just as good as the original ones, if these are cheaper I see no contest (but can I have a transparent one please? )
Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
As many have said, it's up to him to close this chapter gracefully but there is no need to get into conspiracy theories. I am convinced Jens is a honest person and I am not going to stop buying his products because of this.
Unfortunately, kitten friend, the Amiga scene is full of this kinda shit and this is why we don't get all those things people wonder why they aren't getting (like "why is this game not on Amiga? It's possible"). It tends to get into ridiculous animosity fueled by whatever and as soon as someone does not support anything that has had the "Amiga" name slapped to it, it's considered a heretic, leading to sub-par, overpriced developments we'd be much better without plus people not in it not wanting to even get close to it because of said animosity. And a lot of sad online faces.

Jens Schoenefeld makes some really good stuff for your Amiga and despite his opinions or how he deals with online communication, his value to the scene is unquestionable and I very much disagree with him being called unfair or other things just because he thinks a certain project is improperly led and overpriced ( I agree with some of those points too, for example).

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