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- Twinworld : i just love this game, either on Atari ST, Amiga, CPC (not speccy and C64 versions, are horrible). This game is so cute, with a polished design, good music, and with original graphics. It's Deutsche qualitat in all its magic
- Navy Moves : a very straight forward game, hard but so pleasant to look at while playing, very detailed, with excellent sound FX and good enticing title music. The 2nd part is my preferate one, and it had a deep and cleverly done scenario, where you have to find the officials and kill them to get the codes in order to fail the whole submarine mission Icing on the cake is the end sequence where the hero arrive with the girls dancing, and he pull down his pants, all dick and balls out, ready to run after them (funny sequence )
- Volfied : a game with a very rich mechanics and background. Many things to discovery to make a lot of points, the many ways of killing the ennemies too. One of my favorite.
- Shadow Of The Beast : This game is excellent, but mostly for its atmosphere, music, and animations. The world it takes place in makes it not original, but it's so great, it makes you dream when you play it.
- Dune : A great great game. Perfectly balanced, the musics alone are a please-come-back-to-it. A real masterpiece, always enjoyable to play.
- Obitus : A underrated game to the special way of moving in the game, but otherwise so beautifully made, so atmospheric, it's always a pleasure to come back to it.
- Cannon Fodder 1 & 2 : extremely entertaining title. So funny and straight forward, it has always a little taste of go back to it too
- Lionheart : Same as beast, always a pleasure to come back to it due to the delicious world you evolve in. And the all realization is so great.
- Parasol Stars : Taito again. Very complex game mechanic, which give it some deepness, and the cute aspect also. Lovely.
- Rod-Land : same as PS. Cute, cute, cute, very well polished, music, graphics, playability, a great game
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