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The only thing left to wonder about is what would constitute the wow-factor. Surely it can't be graphics anymore...

Perhaps the next "wow" would be a computer that is actually easy to use, an OS and computer that revolutionises the way we look at them.

Perhaps a computer that actually makes your life easier, one that makes it possible to do whatever you want with it. A computer that allows tinkering, even if you're not a comp sci graduate. A computer that does not depend on applications anymore but on the computer itself. No longer "Word" or whatever, but a whole slew of possibilities from within the computer itself. A liberated platform, without the geekiness of Linux, but a true set of building blocks with which you create your perfect working environment.

Today, everything is still centered around executables, memory, files and what not. The new generation of computers should be something that starts out from a wholly different concept. What the details of this should be is not up to me, but in any case it's the only way of creating something wow-y.
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