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Some details and then a more specific version of the question I tagged on above.

The named pipe is
I found that on winuae github for ipctester.cpp . I guess that is the ipctester tool source but I still haven't found an ipctester.exe executable file.

Toni wrote about commands for the named pipe here
- Named pipe also supports debugger commands, either using dbg_<name of debugger command> or first setting it to debugger mode using "ipc_debug" command. ("ipc_config" = config mode, "ipc_event" = event mode, "ipc_restore" = back to normal mode). Other direct commands are cfg_<config entry and evt_<event name>. (Works exactly same as uae-configuration commands)
and here
"EVT <event name> <state value>"

<event name> = input event name, same as in config file and in source package inputevents.def. (KEY_A for example). Note that it supports all kinds of input events, it is not limited to keys.

Keys and button <state value> is either press (1) or release (0).
The inputevents list is at

I posted to the autohotkey forum yesterday asking for help with writing to a named pipe from windows and got a line of code to try. But I haven't had success with it. I'm not sure if I'm formatting the string to send incorrectly or not.

Toni can you give a few examples of whole strings to send to winuae's named pipe. For example what string to write to the named pipe to to pause emulation or what string to trigger the winuae keyboard event F.

I have tried "EVT SPC_PAUSE 1" , "evt_SPC_PAUSE 1" and a few more without success. Again, maybe one of these is correct and the problem lies with the autohotkey language method I'm trying. But to test further I want to make sure I get the string to send right first.
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