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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Did anyone actually get the notion that I've answered "no", and Phil decided to use my products as "draft horse" despite my refusal? I get a feeling that double standards are applied here. It's either you criticize both, or none.
Jens, you digging further and further, this is really tedious to watch.
Once again, you did put one accusation forward which got immediately addressed by Philippe.

At some point you need to acknowledge that you have nothing to support your claims and just stop. No one is accusing you of anything, you are the one who accuses and the evidence which comes back is not flattering.

My support comes at a price: I don't support any project just because it's Amiga related. If I see mistakes being made, and I see simple solutions, I'd like to make those changes before my support is being made public.
"Mistakes" which you admitted you have no evidence for and that you where told of by clearly partial "sources".
That is three mistakes, from you:
- putting the onus on proof of innocence on the accused party
- accusing publicly without evidence
- using second hand information from biased sources.

Phil chose the simple route: He asked me, I said no, he used it as "yes". Now he insists on not having asked for help, which is true, but unrelated.

Which is not what happened as Philippe's replies made clear (and I have not seen you contest the content of these emails).
He has every right to use your products as long as he doesn't use your company name and you eventually ended up admitting it (cf quote below).

Distorting the content of these emails does nothing good for your reputation.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post

I did not object when you added the "Keyrah V2" and "Amiga Reloaded" names to your Kickstarter project, and I won't do so now. If I wanted that, I would have done so in august. You'll need any and all supporters that you have now, and that you may get in the next few days.

See my quote of yourself above, you did say he took a "no" for a "yes" in this matter.

Frankly, this is embarrassing. You messed up, just admit it and let us put this embarrassing episode behind us.
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