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Too much to list every game, but I will try to start with Amiga and few other systems:

Ruff'n'Tumble - because it's fun, fast and sometimes got lot of action on screen when You run with laser gun and bad robots spawn everywhere just to be destroyed in seconds and turn into more power ups for me, and music also pump that action well.

Black Viper - nice story, game use cd32 pad well, also shooting opponents is what I want in Lotus, also I like those giant post-apocalyptic backgrounds, also You can have both music and sfx (take that Lotus).

Slam Tilt - because everything, fast awesome graphics, perfect music, animations, mini-games, game is great stress solution (only Pinball Illusion trilogy can rival with it).

Agony - for art style, while it's just average shmup I like watching backgrounds.

Disposable Hero - I like cd32 soundtrack and testing different weapons setting, also game got lot of nice well animated small details.

Banshee - for all that gore kills You can do on soldiers

Kid Chaos - I like playing only first level, it's fast, got nice background with many layers, You just run forward and fell joy.

Fightin'Spitit and Elfmania - even if I'm not good at those type of games, I like them much, even if I lose I have great time with them, it's because audio visual experience or just because those games are fun to play.

Super Methane Bros - fun "little" arcade game, better than Fuzzball and Naughty Ones

Lionheart - I like watching intro and playing first swam level and lava lake level just for fun

Fire and Ice on Cd32 - I like underwater level it makes me very relaxed so I play it in practice mode
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