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SWOS - Because it is a classic game, either single player or playing little tournaments with as many people as you can rope into it.

Lionheart - Beautiful game that is really playable. I manage to get a little bit better each time.

Lotus II/III - Classic racing game. Usually an easy game to fire up and have a quick blast with. That or Stunt Car Racer or Micro Machines.

Captain Planet - Nostalgia, not much else!

Zool - Nostalgia and the fact it's a perfectly playable game. Something a bit more mindless than Lionheart or Ruff N Tumble.

Hunter - Worth firing up to attempt a mission or two.

Dune II - Fantastic RTS. It something I can play while doing something else. Similar with Populous.

Agony - Nostalgia. As well as similar reasons to Lionheart. Beautiful game that I very slowly get better at.

They have been the games I've been going back to again and again in recent years anyhow.
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