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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
This may work on the Amiga Reloaded, but since it's an OEM product for Vesalia, I don't do product support for it. It will therefore have the same status as Blizzard cards have at the moment.

To my knowledge, this card currently does not work on the ACA500. However, it may work after the ACA1221 update has been released. So much for high probabilities - no guarantee, though.

If you could endeavour to test the ACA1231/42 and get it working, a lot of customers would appreciate it. When I bought the 1231, it came in an Individual Computers box and for all I knew it was simply another card in the ACA123x range. I don't expect support at this late stage obviously, but it's a shame for the board to be left out over something that wasn't communicated (correct me if I'm wrong). I'd definitely consider a Reloaded board, but I can't justify the expense of a new accelerator as well.

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