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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Did anyone actually get the notion that I've answered "no", and Phil decided to use my products as "draft horse" despite my refusal? I get a feeling that double standards are applied here. It's either you criticize both, or none.

My support comes at a price: I don't support any project just because it's Amiga related. If I see mistakes being made, and I see simple solutions, I'd like to make those changes before my support is being made public. Phil chose the simple route: He asked me, I said no, he used it as "yes". Now he insists on not having asked for help, which is true, but unrelated.

Draft horse ?
I used your "no" as a "yes" ?

My dear Jens, the more i read you, the more i like you.

Don't turn words upside down. You've refused for us to add IC logo in our partners sections. That's all. So we didn't. Again nothing fancy here.

As i said it before, you do make some great products and the Keyrah is one.

But if i read correctly you DON'T want us to include the keyrah in the RASPIANS pack we've made. Is that right ?

If this is what you want, just confirm me this by email, and it'll be done. All Keyrah mentionning will be removed.

I'm an open guy, all of us are, you can talk to me.
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