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All my favourites, of course. Thats why they are favourites.

To name few, in alphabetical order:
Alien Fish Finger 1.31 - great atmosphere, challenging achievements and trophys
Bubble Bobble - pure fun
Deliverance - great enemies, great title tune
Dune II - cuteness, a lot of random hilarious moments
Gods - weapons, level design, animations
Golden Axe - quick short game, great music
Hired guns - best game ever, large levels, many puzzles, coop
Jaguar XJ220 - racing with strategy elements, nice engine sound, many recognizable cars and even their pilots, better than Lotus
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 - speed, graphics, music
Myth: history in the making - a lot of original themes, atmospheric sound
Nuclear War - those faces and their quotes
Paradroid 90 - technological gem
Parasol stars - fruity
Rodland - two players mode
Ruff n Tumble - gun and run, probably best of its genre, great audiovisuals
Slamtilt - challenging subgames
Snow bros - easy to complete, quick gameplay
Turrican - music, iceblocks tower level
Turrican II: The final fight - music, secrets, leveldesign
Uridium 2 - mayhem mode, another technological gem from Andrew Braybrook
Wiz n Liz - nasty two player competition, ubelievably fast
Zeewolf 2: Wild justice - tasks variety, good music, political background of the story

Beside these, there are plentys of games that I liked and enjoyed, but their replay value is low. Especially adventures, that I can replay many years later after I already FORGOT how to solve them. Thats the basic condition.
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