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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
Good luck ReadOnlyCat in asking about it!

I did write to Anthony and Nicola via KickStarter a few days after writing this post, they replied very quickly in a very encouraging way and after asking for their permission to quote their answer they just gave me license to do so today.

Here is what I sent them:

Hi Nicola and Anthony,

I hope you are going fine and that the filming of The Amiga Years is going nicely.

I am a backer of this project and I would like to submit you a suggestion about it.

It is clear that of all the interviews you guys have and will be conducting during the production of the documentary, only a fraction of the corresponding footage will find its way in the final documentary: in order to collect appropriate footage you must conduct extensive interviews and retain from these the materials only the few minutes with the biggest impact and/or more meaningful in relation to the theme of the documentary or chapter.

As an example, Richard Aplin indicated that his interview with you - which took place recently - took more than two hours with possibly one hour of recorded interview (I'm guessing for this last number) and obviously the entire interview will not be included in the end result since this would leave very little time for the rest of the content.

The situation is likely very similar with other interviewees, I suspect that RJ Mical, Carl Sassenrath, etc. all had a lot of things to say for every question you must have asked and that the total amount of collected footage probably will represent five times more (at least) than what will be present in the documentary.

As I said previously, this is perfectly understandable in order to produce a reasonably "short" focused documentary, but nevertheless, this "extra" unused footage still has enormous value for a very large fraction of the Amiga community. I know for example Richard Aplin has a very rich experience of coding Amiga games (in very peculiar conditions) and that I would enjoy watching every minute of his recorded interview. RJ Mical and Carl Sassenrath also have a very extensive knowledge of Amiga history in general and not just pertaining to gaming and I am sure that their interviews as well are interesting from start to finish and not just the segments which will end up in The Amiga Years.

I could continue on and on and I am sure you got my point: the raw footage of these interviews itself would be of huge interest to many people (me the first) and I am convinced that if you made it available un-edited or minimally edited (with the consent of the interviewees obviously) for an additional fee to backers who wish to correspondingly increase their pledge you would have a lot of takers for such an offer.

I certainly hope that you will consider this option and figure out a way to make this invaluable content available to those of your backers who are willing to pay to access it.

Thank you for reading until this point, and please keep up the good work!
And here are the parts of their reply which I think highlight best their position:

Originally Posted by Nicola & Anthony Caulfield

we have considered this in the past. There's pros and cons to releasing so much footage however as fans ourselves we would be the type of backer you describe, people who enjoy sharing knowledge and discussing a subject dear to our hearts.
Originally Posted by Nicola & Anthony Caulfield

We do keep thinking of it and I promise to raise this again with Nic at our next meeting.
As you can see, this is a very encouraging answer.

Obviously, this does not guarantee at all that this will happen since many factors might prevent it:
  • They might not obtain the legal authorizations to do it.
  • They might not have the time.
  • It might require more work/money than we think.
  • There might be other obstacles which we are not privy of.
But in any case, they seem receptive to suggestions which I think is a very positive thing.

As for me, I will keep a cool head about it and be content to receive the originally promised content, if anything more ends up being made available (at a price obviously) to "raw footage hardcore backers", that will be a nice bonus.
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