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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Trying to get back to facts: If you want "an original case", Phil's project will be better. For the other project, I was allowed to post pictures and info here:

I hope that this will go online soon. I really didn't mean to throw dirt, and I apologize if asking for information makes Phil look bad.
My, this is just embarrassing.

You mention facts but you are the one who quoted the conclusions of your sources in public here without any backing information.
You brought these accusations forward and that puts the onus of proof on you, not on Philippe.

If you do not have anything to back these claims you certainly are not in a position to talk about him "looking bad" because you asked for information. If there is no concrete reason for your suspicion then the proper behaviour is to stay silent not to ask the other party to prove that they aren't guilty.

I am a deep believer of two principles:
- Always give the benefit of the doubt.
- Never assume malice when something can be explained by incompetence (read: mistake).
and for good reasons because I make mistakes every day myself so it would be quite hypocritical of me to think you are acting in bad faith.

Hence, I am utterly convinced that the only thing you are guilty of is to have been a bit too enthusiastic to believe what your (obviously partial) sources said without asking them for solid evidence. That happens.

But I hope you can understand that Philippe owes you nothing and that expecting otherwise is neither proper nor professional.

This said, this will not prevent me from buying the new ACA500 when it ships, as I said, everyone makes mistakes.
Kind regards.
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