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Casual Play & Serious Play Amiga Setups

Hi guys.

We all love our Amigas whether a basic 500 or the latest model with mods of some sort. So I thoughtd I'd ask my fellow friends of this site what type of amiga setup do you use/play when either you play games casually or seriously?

For example if I'm just casually playing an amiga game. I would use winuae on my pc and either use keyboard or my xbox 360 controller with it. Hooked up on a 24" monitor. Sound wise amiga direct into stereo.

If I allocate myself time and seriously play my amiga. I would use my real amiga 500 with gotek drive on my 1084S monitor or transfer my real amiga to my big screen tv and use it on that. Control method genuine amiga joystick. Sound wise amiga direct into amp.

Share your setups. Pictures are welcome
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