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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
This thread is about my products. eXeler0's question has made a connection between my name and Phil's Kickstarter project. I felt the need to make clear that I do not want this connection to be made.

You can certainly connect one, and it may even work (to the degree that an Apollo card can be regarded as "working"), but I won't support it. If you choose to build an Amiga with that combination of motherboard+CPU card, you're on your own.

Same here: I'll make timing of the Amiga Reloaded as compatible as possible, but please don't expect product support. The actual meaning of this condition can be seen on the ACA500: Blizzard cards work for many people, and I have even answered a few e-Mails, but if you don't get it to work, don't blame me. If you want product support my means of "I want someone to make things work", please go for a recommended CPU card. It may even happen that I'll put a Blizzard card on the "recommended" list, but at this point, I will only promise that it'll work with the ACA1232, ACA1233, ACA1220 and ACA1221.


What about the ACA 1231/42 ?????
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